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How to Immigrate to Sweden


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    Sweden is one of the oldest European Union member states and also a member of the Schengen Area. Apart from these, Sweden is one of the most prolific economies among the North European states which makes it an ideal destination for those interested in moving here for living and work.

    Immigration to Sweden is not complicated, no matter if you are an EU or a non-EU national, as the country has a very advanced immigration system. Doubled by the efforts of our immigration lawyers in Sweden, the procedure of relocating to this country will become simple and fast.

    We are a team of immigration lawyers in Sweden dedicated to foreign citizens who want to move to this country and start a new life. With our help, all applicants for work and residence permits will benefit from support in preparing and filing the documents for obtaining their visas in the shortest period of time.

    Below, you can read some useful information on how our lawyers can help you immigrate to Sweden by applying for various visas. We can also assist in applying for Swedish citizenship.

    Immigrate to Sweden with the help of our dedicated lawyers

    There are three ways a foreign citizen can immigrate to Sweden: by employment with a Swedish company, by self-employment, and by starting a business. It is also possible to relocate to Sweden if a family member is already living here. Foreign citizens in need of protection or seeking asylum can benefit from special mechanisms that enable them to move here.

    All these situations can be explained by our immigration lawyer in Sweden and assistance can be offered to every case in particular.

    Here are the main services our immigration lawyers can offer to those who want to immigrate to Sweden:

    • guidance in applying for various types of visas based on the clients’ needs;
    • assistance in obtaining temporary and long-term residence visas with the Swedish authorities;
    • tailored assistance in applying for employment permits obtained as part of being hired by a Swedish company;
    • guidance in obtaining a business visa by starting a company in Sweden;
    • assistance in applying for citizenship in accordance with the conditions imposed by the Swedish immigration laws;
    • assistance in preparing all the documents related to immigration to Sweden and representation in case of visa refusal.

    If you are seeking a service you did not see listed above, we encourage you to reach out to our lawyers and ask them for a personalized consultation on various matters, including Swedish citizenship.

    Types of visas available in Sweden

    Foreign nationals interested in immigration to Sweden can apply for several types of visas. These are also available at the EU level which means that the holder of an EU visa can freely move and/or work in Sweden. They can also apply for a residence permit in Sweden which will enable them to obtain citizenship.

    For those who want to move to Sweden, here are the main types of visas available:

    1. the employment visa which is issued based on a labor contract with a Swedish company;
    2. the student visa which is issued to foreign citizens enrolled with accredited educational institutions;
    3. the business visa which is issued to foreign entrepreneurs who are interested in starting a business in Sweden, but also to self-employed individuals.
    4. the family reunification visa which is issued to foreign citizens who have other family members living in Sweden;
    5. other visas are available for individuals who participate in scientific or academic research in the country.

    There are various documents required for those who want to immigrate to Sweden, depending on the reason they have for moving. A particular situation is applicable to those who want to start a business in Sweden and who need to demonstrate they have the necessary experience to manage a company.

    All the conditions related to moving here can be explained in detail by our immigration lawyer in Sweden.

    As a general rule, in terms of documents that need to be presented for immigration purposes, a valid passport and insurance alongside proof of sufficient means to support oneself are necessary for any type of visa. In specific situations, other documents will be required.

    If you don’t know the paperwork you need to submit in order to relocate to Sweden, you can always ask for information from our lawyers who can also help you prepare them. The residence permit in Sweden can be obtained with our help.

    Assistance in obtaining a work permit in Sweden

    One of the best and simplest ways to immigrate to Sweden is through employment and for this purpose, obtaining a work permit is mandatory.

    There are several aspects to consider in terms of Swedish immigration through employment, among which the following should be carefully considered:

    • certain occupations imply specific procedures,
    • there are also special requirements for employees depending on their countries of residence,
    • in some cases, the employment visa must be requested by the Swedish employer.

    When seeking to move to Sweden through a work permit, it is necessary to ask for the support of an immigration lawyer who can provide not only information about the procedure but also adapt to the requirements applied to your conditions in order for you to benefit from a fast and simple immigration process.

    In most cases, obtaining a work permit for moving to Sweden implies the following steps:

    • the employer makes an offer and starts the immigration procedure,
    • an email that contains the work contract is sent to the applicant,
    • in return, the work permit candidate must prepare various documents and send them to the employer,
    • the Swedish Migration Agency prepares the documents for issuing the work permit and sends them to the applicant.

    Based on the work visa, the foreign citizen can then relocate to Sweden and start working for the local employer.

    The immigration procedure based on employment is straightforward, however, the requirements are quite stringent, and all the steps must be completed in the exact order. This is one of the main reasons for which the assistance of an immigration lawyer in Sweden is essential.

    When it comes to particular situations, these apply to certain occupations and asylum seekers. Among the specific cases in which various conditions apply in order to obtain work permits, the following are part of these categories:

    • sportsmen and athletes,
    • performers,
    • au pair,
    • researchers,
    • persons who come to Sweden for seasonal work,
    • trainees,

    These can come based on their EU Blue Cards if they have such permits, or through holiday working visas Sweden has with other countries around the world. Also, where special bilateral agreements are in place, specific conditions will apply for work permit applicants.

    In order to understand if you meet the criteria imposed under any of the categories presented above, you can send your inquiry to our immigration law firm in Sweden.

    Assistance in applying for a residence permit in Sweden

    The Swedish relaxed lifestyle is one of the most important incentives for citizens of Europe and other countries around the world to decide to move here. For this purpose, the residence permit is a mandatory requirement.

    Our immigration lawyers in Sweden are at the service of all those people who want to relocate and start new lives here. In order to obtain Swedish residence permits, foreigners must prepare various documents, starting with their valid passports accompanied by various papers.

    Depending on the reason to immigrate, our lawyers will offer the necessary details on the documents to be prepared and the waiting periods for the issuance of the residence permits. Our team of dedicated attorneys will keep you updated on the immigration application and will advise on how to prepare for moving here.

    Considering that the entire procedure of issuance of the residence permit can take up to a few weeks, it is advisable to start the application process as soon as you decide and the steps to be completed should imply:

    • asking for updated information on the visa procedure,
    • preparing the immigration documents,
    • filing the necessary papers with the Swedish Embassy or Consulate in your home country.

    There are also a few special aspects to consider starting with 2021 and among these, we inform you that while for EU citizens the procedure can be completed online (our lawyers can provide assistance in filing residency via the internet), for British citizens new rules are in place as a consequence of Brexit. UK citizens who already have Swedish residence will continue enjoying the same conditions as before.

    Should you need assistance or information on the formalities you will need to respect when registering with the local authorities, you can rely on our immigration services.

    Also, if you want to bring close family members here, you can rely on our immigration lawyers in Sweden.

    Our services also include residence permit renewal and obtaining Swedish citizenship if you are interested. Also, Sweden has a very interesting business investment program for those who want to migrate here.

    You can also watch our video on how to immigrate to Sweden:

    Why immigrate to Sweden with the help of our lawyers?

    In the case of Sweden, size is one of the main characteristics to attract foreign citizens willing to relocate. With the help of our immigration lawyer moving to Sweden becomes easy and simple, as we have the knowledge and experience to help each individual in accordance with his/her circumstances. We are dedicated to offering suitable solutions that match clients’ requests in a fast and reliable manner. Those who want to apply for a residence permit in Sweden can also benefit from specialized assistance.

    Sweden is one of the few European countries to register a positive migration rate since World War II. This means, that the number of foreign citizens moving here exceeds that of those permanently leaving the country.

    According to Statistics Sweden:

    • around 1.7 million people living in Sweden at the level of 2016 were born in other countries;
    • in the same year, Syrians represented the largest community of foreigners in Sweden with a number of 22.327;
    • in 2016, 9.297, 7.236, 5.717 citizens were from Afghanistan, Iraq, respectively India;
    • from Europe, Polish citizens represent the largest community of foreigners with 4.405 citizens living in Sweden at the level of 2016.

    For personalized immigration services, please contact our immigration lawyers in Sweden. We can also advise on how to obtain Swedish citizenship.