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About Our Immigration Lawyers in Sweden

Our specialists in immigration in Sweden are at your service with assistance in a wide range of matters related to moving to this country. Sweden is a small country, yet the number of migrants here is quite impressive because of the flexibility the local authorities show to those looking for another home country.

We are a team of immigration lawyers and our main goal is to help citizens from countries all over the world to benefit from equal opportunities to immigrate to Sweden. In order to understand what it is that we do, we invite you to read below about us, our experience and services, and see for yourself how you can take advantage of our expertise in the field of immigration.

Johan Olehäll, LL.M, is our experienced lawyer who can help you move to Sweden. He has extensive expertise from working with asylum and immigration cases.

VS Jurist is a Swedish law firm providing legal services to individuals and companies in Sweden and internationally, in a variety of legal fields, including immigration.

Your dedicated team of immigration lawyers in Sweden

People usually want the attention of service providers to be dedicated entirely to them and if you are one of those who are interested in immigration to Sweden, this is what you will obtain with us. Because we strongly believe we can make a difference in helping people improve their lives, we will do our best and succeed to help you in the best way that we can.

You can trust us to treat your case individually, as you deserve, and obtain a suitable outcome in accordance with your needs. It doesn’t matter if you plan to move to Sweden based on employment, business or retirement, we will help you determine the best-case scenario for you and prepare for quick relocation procedure.

Our help starts at our first contact when our immigration lawyer who is in Sweden will explain all your options. Based on your situation, a few solutions will be proposed, so that you can choose the most suitable one. We mention the fact that we are located in Sweden because it is important for people to understand that is best to use the services of locals who are in the middle of things and can provide correct and accurate information.

Immigration services provided by our lawyers in Sweden

If you want to move to Sweden, you will definitely have a lot of questions and we are here to answer them. In order to ease your burden, here is a short list with the services we can provide to you and all those who want to immigrate to this impressive country:

  1. assistance in obtaining various types of visas in accordance with your status and country of origin;
  2. guidance in applying for any type of residence permit with the Swedish immigration authorities;
  3. legal help in obtaining Swedish citizenship in accordance with the immigration laws;
  4. assistance in applying for employment and self-employment permits in Sweden;
  5. services related to corporate and business immigration to Sweden for EU and non-EU citizens.

As we know the number of non-EU citizens holders of Schengen visas is quite large in Europe, we also offer guidance to those who want to move to Sweden from another EU country.

Assistance in choosing the best way to immigrate to Sweden

One of the main roles of our immigration lawyer in Sweden is to help you understand the best course of action applied to your case. Our staff is made of specialists in the immigration field, but also in employment and business matters so that all the legal immigration ways are covered.

If you want to move to Sweden based on a labor contract or as a self-employed, you will have the chance to discuss with our lawyer who also has a deep knowledge of the Labor Code. This way, you will be updated on the qualifications you require and the conditions the company to hire must fulfill.

If you plan on relocating to Sweden for business reasons, we will first help you obtain the visa which allows you to come and set up a company and then move to the important points of your permanent relocation.

Here are a few facts you will need to consider if you immigrate to Sweden for business purposes:

  • you will need at least 50,000 SEK (approximately 4,500 euros);
  • you will need to own at least 50% of the business if not the entire company;
  • you must also prove you have sufficient funds to sustain yourself (usually 100,000 SEK or 9,000 euro for one year);
  • for family members, an additional 50,000 SEK (4,500 euros) for each is required.

Once you have permanently settled in Sweden, we can help you apply for citizenship, if that is what you want.

Sweden is one of the most appealing countries in Northern Europe. Just like other Scandinavian states, Sweden offers a good quality of life, good business, and high-remunerated employment opportunities.

If you want to take advantage of what Sweden has to offer, our immigration lawyer can be your first point of interaction here.

We invite you to read all the materials on our website and if you find any immigration opportunity suitable, do not doubt in contacting us.