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Expat Services in Sweden

Expat Services in Sweden

Sweden is one of the most appreciated North European countries and despite its small size, it attracts an important portion of the immigrants interested in moving to Europe. Sweden, like any other EU country, has adapted its national migration law to EU directives, however, it also imposes its own regulations to those who want to relocate here.

For foreign nationals who want to move to Sweden, our immigration lawyers provide expat services that meet all their needs. With the help of our lawyers, foreigners can immigrate to this country stress-free. Our services also include assistance in obtaining Swedish citizenship.

Expat services provide to foreign nationals moving to Sweden

We provide tailored immigration services to EU and non-EU citizens moving to Sweden and among the most sought expat services are:

  1. assistance in moving to Sweden for employment and business purposes;
  2. housing services for those who want to rent or buy properties in Sweden;
  3. guidance in registering with the Swedish authorities for healthcare and taxation;
  4. support in understanding the regulations that need to be respected upon relocation;
  5. legal assistance in renewing residence permits with the immigration authorities.

Our immigration lawyer in Sweden is at your service with detailed answers to all your questions, including on how to obtain a residence permit in Sweden.

Assistance in obtaining various visas for Sweden

No matter if you plan to start a business for which you will need an investor visa, or you have obtained an employment contract from a Swedish company, we are here to help you with the immigration steps. First of all, we will make sure that you meet the eligibility criteria for opening a company (relevant management experience and a specific amount of money are required for an investor visa), respectively the salary criteria which allow you to obtain the work visa. Our immigration lawyer in Sweden will carefully guide you through all the requirements and then help you gather the necessary paperwork that lead to a successful application. Most visas can lead to a residence permit or citizenship by investment in Sweden.

We can also assist citizens of other nationalities interested in immigration to Sweden.

Housing services for expats in Sweden

Sweden is a small country which could be translated into easiness in finding a place to stay. The country is divided into urban areas, and the most important and largest ones are around the capital city, Stockholm, Gothenburg, and Malmo, all with populations exceeding 300,000 inhabitants. There are also smaller cities such as Uppsala, Lund and Varberg, for those interested in peaceful areas.

Among the expat services we offer to those immigrating to Sweden are legal assistance in relation to the verification of the real estate, preparation of rental or purchase agreements once a suitable property is found and information about all the formalities to complete once moving in.

If you are interested in immigration to Sweden, you will benefit from customized assistance throughout the entire relocation procedure, including in obtaining Swedish citizenship.

Assistance in obtaining tax identification numbers in Sweden

Moving to Sweden implies enrolling with the healthcare authorities and obtaining insurance, and for this to happen, an expat must first obtain a tax identification number with the tax authorities. There are two types of tax identification numbers  (TIN) issued to citizens living in Sweden:

  • the first one, the personal identity number, is issued to a person who has been recorded in the Swedish Population Record;
  • the second one is the co-ordination number, which is issued to persons who have not been registered in the Population Record.

Our immigration lawyer in Sweden will help apply for the appropriate TIN by preparing the necessary documents and filing them.

What to consider as an expat in Sweden

Foreign citizens who want to immigrate to Sweden must respect and adapt to the regulations of this country, no matter their countries of origin. Before arriving here, our lawyers can offer useful information about rental prices, real estate purchase costs, tax registration and even about the social regulations they need to respect. Also, we can offer information about the accredited language centers for those who want to learn Swedish for the purpose of obtaining citizenship.

Our expat services in Sweden focus on the clients’ needs in order to make the transition easier than when moving here on their own.

If you want to move to Sweden from USA and need advice on how to apply for a specific type of visa, we can help you.

Immigration statistics in Sweden

According to the Swedish Statistics Agency:

  • between 2018 and 2019, immigration numbers have decreased by 12.7%;
  • at the beginning of 2020, Sweden had a total population of 15,814 citizens;
  • the number of foreign citizens living in Sweden in 2020 is 5,200;
  • out of these 1 in 3 foreign persons have Asian descent.

If you plan on moving to Sweden and need assistance, you can rely on our services for expats. Contact our immigration lawyers for assistance in obtaining a Swedish residence permit.