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Immigrate to Sweden from South Africa

Immigrate to Sweden from South Africa

Sweden is an appealing immigration destination among citizens of countries around the world, including African states. Those who want to immigrate to Sweden from South Africa must comply with various requirements in accordance with the type of visa they are interested in.

Immigration to Sweden is not complicated and visa applications are processed in a fast manner, so if you need support in relocating to this country you can rely on our lawyers. We will also help those who want to move to Sweden from South Africa.

Types of visas available when moving to Sweden from South Africa

The main visas under which one can immigrate to Sweden from South Africa are related to the following purposes:

  1. business for which specific documentation is required (Sweden also has an entrepreneur visa scheme);
  2. employment which is based on a concrete job offer from a Swedish company;
  3. family reunification if a South African citizen already has family members living in Sweden;
  4. for study purposes which requires an invitation letter from the Swedish educational facility.

The good news about immigration to Sweden, no matter the country of origin of the applicant, is that a residence permit is issued alongside the visa required. You must fulfill the requirements for an extended residence permit in order to be granted permanent residency in Sweden. You can get an extended temporary residence visa even if you don’t qualify for a permanent residence permit. Contact our local advisors for support in filing your application for continuation of residency. Our immigration lawyer in Sweden can offer more information on this matter.

If you are looking to relocate to Sweden from South Africa and have any questions, do not doubt in asking our lawyers for support. Most visas lead to obtaining a residence permit in Sweden.

We are also at the service of companies seeking to bring employees here. Relive yourself from this burden and cooperate with our lawyers if you want to hire foreign workers for whom you need work and Swedish residence permits. Contact us and find out how we can assist you with the immigration procedures for foreign nationals.

Business immigration to Sweden from South Africa

It is not uncommon for businesspersons to relocate to Sweden from South Africa, as this option will enable them to conduct their own economic activities in this country. Sweden is one of the countries where an entrepreneur visa requires a minimum investment of 100,000 euros (the equivalent in the Swedish currency, krona, is also accepted). However, the applicant for such a visa will also need to submit relevant proof of being able to run a business.

In order to move to Sweden from South Africa based on an entrepreneur visa, the applicant will need to set up a company in which he or she owns at least half of the business and, apart from the 100,000 euros, he or she needs to have sufficient self-sustenance funds for 2 years.

Our immigration lawyer in Sweden can offer the necessary assistance when applying for a business visa if you are a South African citizen. Business immigration is a secure path to Swedish citizenship.

With a Swedish passport you can travel without a visa to up 190 countries. If you have moved here and meet the conditions to become a citizen, contact our lawyers immediately. They will help you prepare and file your documents for citizenship in Sweden. You can rely on us if you want to relocate here.

How to immigrate to Sweden from South Africa based on employment

Another usual way to immigrate to Sweden is employment. The requirements related to immigrating to Sweden from South Africa based on a job offer are simpler than in the case of business relocation partly because the employer is required to complete certain requirements on its side. The requirements for obtaining an employment visa to help one immigrate to Sweden from South Africa requires a job offer with a minimum salary of 13,000 krona per month. Then, the employer will start the visa application procedure by filing the information of the future employee with the Swedish immigration authorities.

It should be noted that once the employer starts the immigration procedure, the South African citizen must also complete a few procedures with the Swedish Embassy in his/her home state.

Our immigration lawyer in Sweden can offer tailored assistance to those who want to move from South Africa. We can assist with the verification and preparation of the documents needed for a successful candidacy.

If you plan to move to Sweden from South Africa or another country, you can receive support from our local specialists.

If you are looking to obtain a residence permit in Sweden through employment, we can guide you. We can also help you apply for citizenship through various means.

After 3 years, a person who is married to a Swedish citizen, living in a registered partnership with a Swedish citizen, or cohabiting with a Swedish national may apply for citizenship in Sweden. In these situations, the couple had to cohabit for the previous 2 years. Living together is required in addition to being married to one another.

What are the documents required for moving to Sweden?

A national who wants to immigrate to Sweden from South Africa will first need a valid passport, proof of accommodation, proof of financial means to support oneself during the stay and specific papers related to the relocation reason. However, in order to obtain Swedish citizenship by investment, additional requisites apply.

Our lawyers can help foreign citizens with the preparation of the documents they need to file with the immigration authorities for a successful application.

Why immigrate to Sweden from South Africa?

According to SwedenAbroad, economic relations between Sweden and South Africa have started evolving in the 1990’ies. During these years:

  • Swedish exports to South Africa increased to more than 10 billion kronor per year;
  • exports from South Africa to Sweden have reached 3 billion kronor in 2010;
  • there are also almost 100 Swedish companies operating in South Africa at the moment;
  • more than 45,000 Swedish citizens travel to South Africa for tourism every year.

If you plan to move to Sweden from South Africa and need assistance, our lawyers are at your service with expat support, so do not hesitate to contact us.