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Immigrate to Sweden from Ukraine

Immigrate to Sweden from Ukraine

There are several methods for people who want to relocate to Sweden from Ukraine. So, it is up to them to decide which choice best matches their situation. The Swedish Migration Agency is responsible for handling all types of immigration to Sweden.

If you want to immigrate to Sweden from Ukraine, you can get in touch with our immigration lawyers. The skilled lawyers located at our immigration lawyers in Sweden can provide you with comprehensive legal assistance regarding relocation. 

Options to immigrate to Sweden from Ukraine

If you want to move to Sweden from Ukraine, you can consult with our knowledgeable lawyers. Please find below the different ways in which you can relocate to Sweden from Ukraine:


Every other year, people with remarkable skills and qualities relocate to Sweden. Sweden, like the rest of the Nordic countries, is always short on personnel to satisfy specific job openings, leaving businesses with little choice but to import labor from abroad. So, if you want to immigrate to Sweden from Ukraine for work, it is advisable to get legal help. Our immigration law firm in Sweden can provide you with detailed legal support in this regard. 


Sweden, like the rest of Europe, has some of the greatest institutions in the world for research and development. Any motivated international student wishing to advance in their professions can apply for bachelor’s, master’s, or Ph.D. programs at any of Sweden’s top institutions. A student residence permit is automatically granted to anybody who satisfies the conditions for studying in Sweden. If you are planning to immigrate to Sweden from Ukraine, you can avail of legal assistance from our lawyers. 

Family reunification

The family reunion plan has benefited a large number of individuals presently residing in Sweden. When it can be proven that you, the person wanting to immigrate to Sweden from Ukraine, have a close relationship with someone who already lives in Sweden, family reunification applies. 

In addition to the legal assistance in acquiring these visas, you are also welcome to get in touch with our lawyers if you want to immigrate to Sweden

If you are considering applying for Swedish residency, you must make sure you meet the eligibility criteria. For temporary relocation, the procedure is quite simple, with you having to prove the reason of immigration and having sufficient funds to sustain your stay here for the desired period of time. With respect to the documents, our lawyers can help you.

Refugee status in Sweden 

As of July 20, 2016, refugees are only eligible for a three-year temporary residency permit. Immigration services have certain requirements that a refugee must fulfill, including proof that a status applicant is facing hostilities in his home country, persecution for whatever reason, and a threat to his/her life or health. It might take up to a year to complete the immigration procedure. Applicants for refugee status, whether from Africa, Asia, or Europe, live in dedicated camps where they are given necessities such as food, clothes, personal hygiene products, and language services. The migrant will be deported if the evidence is found to be invalid.

If you want to immigrate to Sweden from Ukraine to avail of refugee protection, you can consult with our Swedish lawyers

Residence permit for Ukrainian refugees

The procedure of a residence permit for asylum seekers or refugees can always be altered to match the crisis circumstances. For example, a Ukrainian fleeing the conflict in Ukraine has little time to apply for jobs in Sweden. In this situation, the nationality of the individual just has to be verified, and the relevant agencies will begin the application procedure.

So, if you want to immigrate to Sweden from Ukraine as a refugee, you can get detailed legal assistance from the lawyers located at our immigration law firm in Sweden

Permanent residence in Sweden

Please find below the procedure for relocating to Sweden and seeking permanent residency for nationals of non-EU countries. First and foremost, individuals must apply for a visa that will allow them to enter Sweden from their native nations. Non-EU candidates will find it simpler to gain permanent residency in Sweden than in other European Union nations, particularly when migrating here on investment visas. If you are thinking to relocate to Sweden from Ukraine and are not sure how to do that, interact with one of our attorneys about your alternatives. They will be able to give advice depending on your circumstances. 

Marriage is one of the ways through which one may apply for citizenship in Sweden. The foreign national must have been married to a Swedish one for at least 3 years. It is also useful to note that marriages registered in other countries can be recognized here with the help of our lawyers. So, do not hesitate to contact us.

Immigration statistics in Sweden

If you want to immigrate to Sweden from Ukraine, please find below the figures that show a constant increase in the number of immigrants in Sweden:

  • In 2000, Sweden’s immigration figures were 1,003,798.00, 7.24% more from 1995;
  • In 2005, about 1,125,790.00 immigrants entered in Sweden, 12.15% rise from 2000;
  • In 2010, Sweden welcomed 1,384,929.00 immigrants, 23.02% higher from 2005;
  • In 2015, Sweden’s immigration figures were 1,639,771.00, about 18.4% more from 2010.

Contact our immigration lawyers if you want to move to Sweden from Ukraine.