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Move to Sweden from India

Move to Sweden from India

If you are an Indian citizen and want to move to Sweden, you must first obtain an entry visa if you come directly from your home country. If you enter Sweden from an EU or EEA county, you can use your residence permit issued in any of these countries to pass the border control. When it comes to your stay in this country, the requirements differ from case to case, but refer mainly to the reason of immigration.

Below, you can find out from our immigration lawyers in Sweden the main pathways that enable you to live here legally.

What are your Swedish immigration options as an Indian?

This is for sure one of the most stringent questions when seeking to relocate to any foreign country, not just Sweden. However, in this particular case, you can move here:

  • as a student;
  • as an employee;
  • as a businessperson;
  • as a spouse/other family member of a Swedish citizen/resident.

By far, the most common pathway is employment. So, if you decide to immigrate to Sweden from India as a worker, you need to secure a job first. This is also a good pathway to Swedish citizenship.

Application with the Swedish Migration Authority

Through the Migration Agency, you can submit an application for a Swedish residence permit. If you relocate to Sweden from India, such a visa can be issued:

Applications are usually processed quite fast, depending on the type of residence permit sought and can be handled by our immigration professionals.

Move to Sweden from India based on employment, a double advantage

As in the case of most non-EU citizens, in order to enter Sweden, you must first obtain a work permit if you come here based on employment. For this purpose, the first step is to secure a job with a Swedish company. Following that, you will obtain your visa and work permit. However, the key advantage, in this case, is that you will also be issued a residence permit. Its validity will depend on the duration of your work contract. Moreover, even if for a temporary stay, it will enable you to qualify for Swedish permanent residency and later on for citizenship.

Until the last two steps, you are welcome to get in touch with our immigration lawyers in Sweden for details on how to obtain a work visa.

How to obtain permanent residency in Sweden as an Indian

If you have successfully relocated to Sweden from India, you are on the good pathway to permanent residency. For this reason, you must live here for 5 years on a continuous basis. Other than that, you need to respect the law and abide by local regulations as set by the community you live in.

Sweden is keen on attracting foreign workforce, but not limited to it. This explains the possibility of acquiring residency here rather simply.

If you have lived here for this long, do not hesitate to get in touch with us and see if you can apply for Swedish residency.

Why move to Sweden from India

Just like other countries, Sweden has its pros and cons when deciding to move here from India, however, the first ones outweigh the second. Among these:

  • excellent infrastructure when it comes to healthcare and education, as Sweden ranks among the first countries in the world from these points of view;
  • great quality of life;
  • good professional prospects and high paying jobs;
  • it is a safe country with a low crime rate.

According to news, at the end of 2022, there were 50,000 Indians living in Sweden. If you want to get a better picture of what life is like in Sweden, here are some numbers:

  • the average living costs for a family of 4 per month is around EUR 3,000;
  • a person should expect to pay around EUR 800 per month without rent;
  • basic utility costs will average around EUR 80 a month;
  • the average monthly salary is around EUR 2,700.

If you want to immigrate to Sweden from India and need support, do not doubt in contacting us!