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Moving to Sweden from Australia

Moving to Sweden from Australia

Sweden is an attractive country for immigration for citizens around the world. Among these, Australian ones make no exception. There are no special requirements imposed when moving to Sweden from Australia, as the citizens of this country can come to Sweden based on the same type of visas available for citizens of non-EU countries.

Citizens who are interested in relocating to Sweden from Australia can rely on our lawyers for assistance. We can also help you if you are a citizen of another country and are interested in immigration to Sweden.

The main ways of moving to Sweden from Australia

Citizens of countries around the world are welcome to move to Sweden, no matter the distance. This is also the case of Australian citizens who have various types of visas at their disposition if they want to immigrate to this country.

Moving to Sweden from Australia implies applying for a regular work permit which allows the citizen to relocate here for a temporary period, following which permanent residency can be sought, or through one of the special programs Sweden has for citizens of certain countries, among which Australia.

In order to obtain a work permit when immigrating to Sweden from Australia, there is one important criterion to be respected and that is the employment contract signed with a local company. The employer must secure a minimum wage for the foreign worker.

New specific requirements that applicants must satisfy in order to obtain residency in Sweden are in effect as of July 2021. Everyone must comply with the new rules, regardless of the sort of residence permit they have. We invite you to discover these requirements from our immigration lawyers.

Our immigration lawyer in Sweden can also assist with the documents related to obtaining a work permit for this country. We can review the employment offer, the salary requirements and even vet the company you are about to work for.

Our immigration lawyers are at the service of foreign citizens from various countries who want to move and apply for residency in Sweden. We can handle the entire procedure in several weeks, so at the end, all you have to do is collect the residence card. Does it seem easy? It can be when you choose to use our services.

Categories of Swedish visas for Australian citizens

Sweden and Australia have several treaties in place and most of them are related to economic relations which also imply employee transfer, medical assistance, and so on. Those who want to immigrate to Sweden can also apply for visas under specific programs. Among these, the following visas are available when moving to Sweden from Australia:

  1. the residence permit for a working holiday under the Youth Mobility Program;
  2. the family reunification visa which can be obtained by Australian citizens who have at least one family member living in Sweden;
  3. the business visa under which an Australian citizen can move to Sweden and start a company;
  4. the student visa under which Australian citizens can come to study in Swedish universities;
  5. the residence visa for Australian citizens who want to retire to Sweden.

For each type of visa, specific documents must be enclosed in the application. It should also be noted that under the Youth Mobility Scheme, persons with ages between 10 and 30 are accepted. There are also specific conditions for those who want to relocate to Sweden for retirement purposes.

If you are interested in moving to Sweden from Australia, we recommend you first discuss with us the eligibility conditions for proper guidance. We will also help you apply for a golden visa in Sweden.

If you need support in applying for citizenship in Sweden but you are not sure if you meet the requirements, do not hesitate to contact us. This is often the case of immigrants who have relocated here. If you find yourself in this situation, you can rely on us for guidance in checking your eligibility score.

Documents related to obtaining a Swedish visa for an Australian citizen

When relocating to Sweden from Australia it is important to start the moving procedures as soon as possible. One of the important steps related to relocation is the preparation of the immigration documents. Among these, an Australian citizen must consider the following:

  • the passport with a minimum validity of 6 months;
  • the application form (the form to be submitted depends on the type of visa requested);
  • proof of accommodation in Sweden;
  • the reason for immigration accompanied by supporting documents;
  • proof of medical insurance.

In order to help you with immigrating to Sweden from Australia to go as smoothly as possible, our immigration lawyer can verify the documents prior to their filing with the Swedish Embassy in Canberra or one of the Consulate offices across the country.

When immigrating to Sweden based on an employment visa, the employer must also complete a few formalities here.

If you are planning to move from Australia to Sweden, our lawyers can help you with housing and insurance services.

Before applying for Swedish citizenship you are advised to conduct a few due diligence procedures. You can check whether you meet the eligibility criteria and the documents you need to file for your particular case. If you don’t know how this works, you can rely on our immigration lawyers who will help you verify all the practical aspects of the process.

Sweden – Australia economic relations

Sweden and Australia have good trading relations, as the history of the two countries goes hundreds of years back. According to the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs, the economic relations between them stood at:

  • 4,1 billion AUD of goods and services traded between the two states in 2018;
  • a Swedish investment stock worth 8,2 billion AUD in Australia;
  • the Australian investment stock in Sweden was worth 10 billion AUD;
  • total goods and services exported by Sweden to Australia of 3,4 billion AUD in 2018.

If you are interested in relocating to Sweden from Australia and need assistance, please contact our immigration lawyer.