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Moving to Sweden from Canada

Moving to Sweden from Canada

Foreign citizens who want to move to Sweden must comply with various requirements depending on their country of origin. This is also available for citizens of Canada interested in moving to Sweden.

Canadian citizens who want to immigrate to Sweden must complete specific formalities, in accordance with their reasons for relocation. Below, our immigration lawyer in Sweden provides detailed information on the immigration process and the visas required when moving here from Canada. You can rely on our team for assistance in various relocation matters, including on Swedish citizenship.

Requirements in order to immigrate to Sweden from Canada

Foreign citizens living in Canada can move to Sweden by applying for the same visas as citizens of other non-EU countries. This means they can either apply for work or business-related visas, but special categories of visas are also available for those who want to study or complete other activities in Sweden.

 Quick Facts 
 LocationSweden is a Scandinavian country located in Northern Europe, known for its beautiful landscapes and high quality of life. 

Visa requirements 

Canadian citizens can stay in Sweden for up to 90 days within a 180-day period without a visa. 

 Residence permit

 For long-term stays or work purposes, you need to apply for a residence permit before moving to Sweden from Canada. 

 Work opportunities Sweden has a strong job market, particularly in the tech, engineering, healthcare, and research sectors. So, you can relocate to Sweden from Canada for work.

Swedish is the official language, but English is also widely spoken. 

 Cost of living

 The cost of living in Sweden is generally higher than in Canada, especially in larger cities like Stockholm.

 Healthcare system

 Sweden has a universal healthcare system, providing medical services to all residents and expatriates.

 Education system

 No tuition fee if you are an EU / EEA / Swiss citizen or if you have been granted permanent Swedish residency.

Immigration department  

 The Swedish Migration Agency is responsible for handling immigration matters in Sweden.

Personal identity number (PIN)  Residents need a Personal Identity Number (Personnummer) for various official and financial transactions after moving to Sweden from Canada. 
Swedish passport 

 Out of 199 passports, the Swedish passport stands at the 16th number. 

 Social welfare

 Sweden has a comprehensive social welfare system, providing support for healthcare, unemployment, and more.

Employment income tax for non-residents  

 Flat rate of 25%.

Innovations and startups 

 Sweden is known for its innovative spirit, fostering a thriving startup scene and technological advancements.

 Swedish citizenship  Apply after 5 years of permanent residency. 

There are no special requirements in relation to the documents that need to be filed with the Swedish embassy when relocating to Sweden from Canada apart for the ones that prove the reason for immigration and a valid passport.

There is also the possibility for Canadian citizens established in other European countries, specifically EU member states, to freely travel to Sweden, however, for immigration purposes, they need to apply for specific types of residence permits.

A temporary residence permit can also be obtained through a work contract. You must submit an application for a permit extension if you want to prolong your stay in Sweden after your temporary residency expires. Depending on the kind of residency in Sweden you have requested, there are several application procedures. Remember that you have until your current residence permit expires to submit the application for a new one.

If you wish to immigrate to Sweden from the USA and need assistance, our immigration lawyer is at your service with complete information on the steps to complete.

We can assist with complete immigration services and guidance in obtaining a golden visa in Sweden.

Immigration to Sweden is quite simple and straightforward. We can offer guidance in obtaining a residence permit in Sweden through various means, as the procedure is the same. The documents to draft, however, are different based on the path chosen. So, contact us and find out the requirements you need to meet in order to live here.

The Youth Mobility Scheme in Sweden

Canada has good economic relations with numerous countries in Europe and Sweden makes no exception. The Youth Mobility Program is also available between Canada and Sweden, allowing Canadian citizens to immigrate to Sweden for determined periods under specific circumstances.

Before explaining the conditions of the program, here are the main categories of visas available when moving to Sweden from Canada:

  1. the Category A visa for post-secondary graduates who want to come for training in Sweden;
  2. the Category B visa for post-secondary graduates who want to complete the academic studies with a Swedish institution;
  3. the Category C visa for employees who want to develop their career through additional training;
  4. the Category D visa for post-secondary students who want to work for a limited period in Sweden (during vacation times);
  5. the Category E visa for young citizens who want to travel to Sweden and work during their vacations.

While for the last two categories of visas there are no special requirements, for the former ones, those relocating to Sweden from Canada even on a temporary basis must meet additional requisites. For A and C visa applicants, job offers, therefore, employment contracts must be secured prior to applying for the desired visas. In the case of B visa applicants, at least internship agreements are required. This is the safest way to obtain a residence permit in Sweden.

The other requirements for Canadian citizens are to be aged between 18 and 30 (30-year-old persons are also accepted) and to have Canadian valid passports.

Under this program, applicants can stay in Sweden for a maximum of 12 months and can participate twice, however, the second time, they must apply for a different visa of the same program.

If you consider the Working Holiday Visa program fits your relocation expectations, you can rely on our immigration lawyer in Sweden for assistance in preparing the immigration file.

Foreign citizens who want to move to Sweden can rely on the services provided by our local specialists. Our lawyers offer tailored support in terms of citizenship in Sweden. This means that each case and each client is treated individually for the best outcome. If you have had doubts in applying for a passport until now, you can leave your worries aside and discuss it with one of our specialists. Together, you will find the most appropriate solution.

How to obtain permanent residency in Sweden as a Canadian citizen

The usual way to permanent residency in Sweden implies living here for at least 5 years based on temporary residence permits. For those moving to Sweden from Canada as spouses of Swedish citizens, permanent residency is easy to acquire, as they can apply for settlement after 3 years of living here, provided that they have lived in this country in the past 2 years.

If you want to immigrate to Sweden from Canada and need assistance, we also offer various expat services, among which assistance in preparing the immigration documents. We can also help with housing, which implies preparing and reviewing rental or lease agreements, and with insurance services.

We can also assist citizens of other non-EU countries who want to immigrate to Sweden. Permanent residency can lead to citizenship.

As a general rule, a person must have resided in Sweden continuously for five years in order to become a citizen. Habitual residence implies someone who has lived in Sweden for a significant amount of time and plans to stay. Depending on the reason the individual settled here and the permits they held while they were here, it may be feasible to regard the entire amount of time spent here as a term of habitual residence with the purpose of applying for citizenship in Sweden.

Relocating to Sweden from Canada in a few steps

When discussing relocation to Sweden, no matter the country you are from, there are several steps to consider. These depend on your country of origin or residence. As a non-EU citizen, such is the case of Canadians who decide to move to Europe, here are the main aspects to consider:

  1. find the suitable type of residence permit you fall under – our immigration lawyers can help you if you are not sure about your options;
  2. start drafting the relocation papers – you can get support from our Swedish agents in this too;
  3. file the documents with the Swedish Migration Directorate;
  4. start looking for a place to stay while waiting for the residence permit to come out;
  5. draft the rental agreement when you have found the desired home.

These are the steps to follow preceding immigration to Sweden. Once you arrive here, you need to consider the following:

  1. register with the local police department in the city you have moved to;
  2. register for social security and health benefits, unless you are employed, and the employer must handle this aspect on your behalf;
  3. get your personal identification number;
  4. open a bank account with a local financial institution.

While most the immigration procedure, including obtaining a Swedish residence permit has been covered above, let’s review some of the practical aspects of moving to this country as a Canadian.

What are the best cities to live in Sweden as an expat?

Moving to Sweden from Canada will usually imply going out of one’s comfort zone, which is why it can be very useful to have some information on where you can relocate you. Sweden is a fairly small country when compared to Canada, however, there are several cities in which where you can relocate to and benefit from all amenities.

Here is a short list of the cities where most expats live in Sweden:

  • Stockholm, the Swedish capital is one of the most beautiful cities in the country, but also in Europe;
  • Solna, which is considered by far the best place to live for expats;
  • Malmo, which hosts a young population and is also very close to Denmark and its capital, Copenhagen;
  • Umea can be a great destination if you have lived in a wintery region in Canada, as the city has the same atmosphere.

The average rent in Sweden ranges from USD 640 to USD 1,400 depending on the type of accommodation and the city chosen. In terms of monthly expenses, an average of USD 1,100 per person should be expected.

There are also other cities in which you can move to in Sweden, and you can obtain more information about them from our immigration specialists.

Registering with the local authorities

If you are planning to immigrate to Sweden from Canada, you also need to get acquainted with the formalities once you have relocated. First of all, you need to get your Swedish personal identification number from the local tax agency. Based on it, you will obtain an ID card that can be used for most of the operations, including setting up a bank account.

Opening a bank account is a step you are recommended to complete as soon as possible, as most payments in Sweden are made via debit or credit card.

If you are interested in moving and obtain residency or citizenship in Sweden as a Canadian, you can rely on our specialist who can offer support before and after relocation. We are at your disposal with various services, but also with practical advice on how to make the best of your stay here.

Economic relations between Sweden and Canada

Sweden and Canada have good economic ties, according to information published by the Parliament of Canada and which is available for the years 2015 and 2016:

  • Canada is Sweden’s 26th largest trading partner in terms of goods;
  • Canada is also Sweden’s 24th largest partner in terms of services trade;
  • the international merchandise trading rates of Sweden represented 54.8% of Sweden’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP);
  • Sweden’s GDP per capita was49,200 USD in 2016.

For assistance in moving to Sweden from Canada, please contact our lawyers. If you are interested in immigration to Sweden, we can provide various expat services.