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Moving to Sweden from UK

Moving to Sweden from UK

EU citizens who want to move to Sweden do not need to go through lengthy procedures, as they can establish themselves in the country and register with the local authorities. This not the case of UK citizens immigrating to Sweden in the context of Brexit.

As the UK has already left the EU, relocating to Sweden from this country will now imply completing additional steps in the immigration procedure.

Below, we present the process related to moving to Sweden from the UK. We kindly invite you to discuss with our immigration lawyer in Sweden about your relocation here as a UK citizen. We can also assist them in applying for Swedish citizenship.

Immigrating to Sweden from UK under the Withdrawal Agreement

Leaving the European Union implies a transition period which for UK citizens looking to moving to other EU countries means relocating to those states based on the Withdrawal Agreement. This means that until December 2020 UK citizens already established in EU countries can continue living there under the present conditions without the need to apply for any visa. UK citizens with Swedish residency will benefit from the same rights they had before Brexit. Before 2020 ends, new regulations are expected.

If you have relocated or plan on moving to Sweden from UK and you are seeking to obtain residency here, our immigration lawyer can help you. We can also assist with the application for a residence permit in Sweden.

Visa requirements for UK citizens moving to Sweden

UK citizens interested in immigration to Sweden do not need a visa to enter the country as the UK is part of the European Economic Area (EEA), therefore they have the right to live, study and work here for a maximum period of 6 months before being required to apply for a residence permit. The only requirement is for them to prove they have sufficient funds to support themselves and other relatives if they have moved with the family.

When relocating to Sweden from the UK for more than one year, there are a few steps to complete. These are:

  1. register with the Population Register – the local office in the city the person lives;
  2. apply for a person number which means registration for taxation and social security;
  3. rent a property to live in which will be used as a residential address in Sweden;
  4. open a bank account and exchange the driver’s license (where applicable).

With respect to obtaining the person number which is, in fact, a residence permit resembling an ID, a UK citizen must:

  • be self-employed;
  • be a student and have adequate health insurance;
  • have sufficient funds to support themselves and other family members.

If you want to immigrate to Sweden, no matter your country of origin, our lawyers are at your disposal with tailored advice. This also applies to UK citizens moving to Sweden.

You can rely on us for guidance in moving to Sweden from UK or even obtaining a Swedish golden visa.

Registration for Swedish healthcare as a UK citizen

One of the mandatory requirements for legally living in Sweden and obtaining permanent residence followed by citizenship for those who want is to have health insurance. For this, UK citizens can register with the Social Insurance Agency in Sweden.

The registration for healthcare is completed after obtaining the tax identification number and the residence permit.

It is possible for UK citizens working in Sweden to obtain health insurance once they are employed.

If are interested in moving to Sweden from UK, you don’t need to complete too many formalities at the moment, while after the transition period ends, the Swedish and UK government will reach an agreement with respect to the steps to complete by UK citizens moving here. For updated information, our immigration lawyer in Sweden is at your disposal. We are also at your service if you want to apply for a residence permit in Sweden.

Moving to Sweden from UK and obtaining citizenship

Sweden is a very appealing country to move to thanks to the high quality of life which is why many citizens who relocate here seek to obtain permanent residency and then citizenship. When immigrating to Sweden from UK the right to permanent residency can be acquired after 5 years, just like in the case of other EU citizens, followed by the application for citizenship. It is important to note that short-term residence permits do not lead to Swedish citizenship.

If you have any questions related to moving here from UK, our immigration lawyer in Sweden can advise you.

Why move to Sweden?

No matter if you are a UK citizen or a national of another country, here are some interesting facts related to immigration to Sweden:

  • the capital city of the country, Stockholm, spans over 14 small islands;
  • 20% of Stockholm’s population is made of expatriates;
  • the average rent in Stockholm ranges between 600 and 1,000 euros;
  • British citizens and other EU citizens can live in Sweden for 6 months without applying for residence permits.

If you plan on immigrating to Sweden from UK and need assistance, please contact our specialized team of lawyers. They will also apply for Swedish citizenship.