Moving to Sweden from USA

Citizens from all over the world are welcomed to move to Sweden, there it is no surprise that US citizens are also interested in relocating to this peaceful country. The requirements for those moving to Sweden from the UK and the EU are different from those applicable to US and Australian citizens, who are considered third-country inhabitants.

There are several types of visas under which US citizens can relocate to Sweden, among them the most sought ones referring to employment. Below, our immigration lawyer in Sweden presents the main ways in which a US citizen can move to this country.

Visas available for moving to Sweden from USA

There are various types of visas available for US citizens interested in immigration to Sweden, however, the easiest to obtain are the employment and business-related visas under which citizens of this country can live and work in Sweden.

The employment permit implies a job offer and a contract provided by a Swedish company that will be used with immigrating to Sweden.

Business visas are also available for US citizens who can relocate to Sweden and start their companies in which they can be employed. Self-employment can also be considered when moving to Sweden from USA.

There is also the possibility of enrolling with a Swedish university and move here based on a student visa. Following the termination of studies, US citizens have great chances of finding employment with local companies and moving here permanently.

Our immigration lawyers can offer detailed information on all types of visas associated with moving to Sweden from the US and other third-party countries.

Steps for immigrating to Sweden from the USA

The immigration procedure when moving to Sweden from USA will mainly depend on the relocation reason, however, the steps to be completed are usually the same. These imply:

  1. obtain an employment contract or enroll with a Swedish company, respectively accredited university;
  2. get in touch with the Swedish Embassy or one of the consular offices in the United States;
  3. file the documents in accordance with your immigration reason with the Swedish authorities;
  4. find a property to rent or even purchase in a Swedish city and relocate here;
  5. set up a bank account and register with the tax and social security authorities in Sweden.

Our immigration lawyer in Sweden can explain in detail the steps for moving to this country from the USA. We can also offer various tips on the easiest ways of finding housing in Stockholm or other important cities in the country.

Immigration by employment in Sweden from the USA

One of the easiest ways of moving to Sweden from USA is by employment. The work permit can be used for obtaining a temporary residence permit which can later be turned into a permanent residence visa and, if the US citizen wants, he or she can also apply for Swedish citizenship.

The following requirements must be met in order to obtain a Swedish work permit as a US citizen:

  • a valid passport is required upon the time of the application for the employment pass;
  • the work contract must correspond to the Swedish Labor Code and must contain specific provisions in accordance with the industry the US citizen will work in;
  • the salary of the employee must enable him or her to financially support him/herself;
  • the employer must provide health, life, pension and employment insurance.

Generally speaking, the minimum salary that satisfies the financial support of a Swedish citizen is around 13,000 SEK (Swedish krona) or approximately 1,300 US dollars.

Our immigration lawyer can offer more information on moving to Sweden from USA. We can also assist US citizens relocating here to register with the tax authority in Sweden.

How to obtain citizenship in Sweden as a US citizen

In order to obtain Swedish citizenship, a US citizen must first obtain permanent residency. In order to obtain it, a US citizen must have lived in Sweden for at least 5 years. Then, the person can consider applying for Swedish citizenship. In order to become a Swedish citizen, one must prove he has integrated into society.

Sweden is one of the best countries in Northern Europe to move to and relocation is sought by both EU and non-EU citizens, among which there are also US citizens.

Here are some interesting statistics on immigration in Sweden:

  • the total population of Sweden at the level of 2019 was 10, 327 million citizens;
  • in the same years the number of immigrants increased by nearly 116,000;
  • in 2019, the number of emigrants decreased by 47,718 citizens;
  • the largest immigration period in Sweden was in the 1700’ies when many Jews and French citizens came here.

For assistance in moving to Sweden from USA, do not hesitate to contact our immigration lawyers. We can handle the entire process for those who want to move to Sweden.