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Obtain a Sweden Work Permit

Obtain a Sweden Work Permit

Sweden is a very appealing country from an employment point of view, which is why most of the foreigners relocating here apply for work visas. The conditions for obtaining employment are not stringent and EU citizens benefit from simplified procedures when it comes to moving here. For non-EU citizens, Sweden provides for a well-regulated legal framework under which they can relocate here for employment reasons.

Below, we invite you to discover how our immigration lawyers in Sweden can help you obtain a work permit no matter your nationality. You can also address any questions you may have on the residence permit in Sweden.

EU citizens moving to Sweden based on employment

Sweden is a member of the European Union which is why citizens of these countries can move here without too much hassle. However, it is recommended to first secure a job and then move to this country. There is no need for citizens of EU states to apply for a Sweden work permit, however, they must register with the local authorities (municipality and police station) in the city they live in.

Everyone who has obtained a work permit is given a residency permit in Sweden for the purpose of employment. If a person meets the requirements, they can get a residence visa and work in Sweden. Our immigration lawyers can offer support to those who qualify to obtain a work visa and relocate to this country based on it.

You can rely on our immigration lawyer in Sweden for detailed information on the requirements associated with moving here as an EU citizen. We are here if you want to apply for citizenship by investment in Sweden.

Non-EU citizens seeking to obtain Swedish work permits

Foreign citizens from non-EU countries are subject to a few requirements if they want to obtain a Sweden work permit. Among these, they must have been offered a job within a local company. Even so, there are various conditions applied to the employer.

In order for a non-EU citizen to be issued the work permit, the Swedish employer must:

  1. advertise the position in the EU and/or EEA for a minimum period of 10 days;
  2. the employment contract must respect the Labor Code in Sweden or other conditions imposed by the industry to operate in;
  3. ensure a minimum salary of 13,000 Swedish krona per month (gross salary);
  4. the applicant must have the necessary qualifications and valid passport at the time the job offer is made.

The foreign citizen must obtain the job offer under the form of an employment contract before relocating to Sweden and applying for the work permit.

If you are a foreign citizen from a non-EU country and are considering immigration to Sweden based on a work visa, you can request more information on the Labor Code from our lawyers. It is also possible to obtain a residence permit in Sweden through an employment contract.

Documents required to obtain a work visa in Sweden

The following documents must be filed when applying for a Sweden work permit:

  • the valid passport;
  • a copy of the employment contract;
  • a statement from the trade union the employee will be enrolled with.

The good news is that the work visa will be issued alongside a residence permit in Sweden. Our immigration lawyer can offer more information on this aspect.

Special occupations in Sweden

It is important to note that special regulations apply to persons seeking to obtain Sweden work permits in specific industries. Among these, artists, seasonal workers, athletes or coaches, trainees, volunteers and certain agricultural workers must file additional documents in the application for the work visa. Also, Sweden has various bilateral agreements in terms of employment permits with certain countries and which must be consulted before moving here.

There are also certain industries in which the requirements are more stringent. Among these, we mention the construction, tourism (hotels and restaurants), trading and automotive industries where special conditions apply when requesting a Sweden work permit.

In terms of the labor market for the first months of 2020, the Swedish Statistical Office indicates that:

  • the labor force rate was set at 72.3% in March;
  • in the same month, the unemployment rate reached 7.1%;
  • in March, there were 5,055 million persons employed by Swedish companies;
  • the number of unemployed persons stood at 389,000.

If you want to apply for a Sweden work permit, you can rely on our immigration services. We can also help you apply for citizenship if you want to live here permanently. You must prove that you have been living in the country for 5 years before you can apply for citizenship in Sweden. This means you must also get used to the lifestyle here, as this is an essential condition apart from the legal ones. With respect to the documents you need to provide, our immigration lawyer in Sweden can help you.

You can rely on us if you plan to immigrate to Sweden from USA.

FAQ on work permits in Sweden

  1. Is it hard to apply for a work visa in Sweden?

No, it is not. The procedure of applying for a Swedish visa comprises only a few steps to complete.

  1. How long does it take for the authorities to process the application for work visas?

The visa application procedure can take up to 2 months to be examined by the Swedish Migration Agency, however, this timeframe can be longer.

  1. Can I extend a work permit that is about to expire?

Yes, you can apply for an extension of the Sweden work permit, however, the application must be filed before it expires.

  1. Can I change the job and use the same work permit?

Swedish work permits are issued for specific jobs and employers, therefore, you will need to apply for a new work permit when changing employers.

For assistance in applying for a work permit in Sweden, please contact our lawyers.