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Permanent Residence in Sweden

Permanent Residence in Sweden

Foreign citizens who want to move to Sweden must comply with the immigration regulations imposed by the authorities here. The requirements for relocating to Sweden depend on the reason of the applicant, however, most of the visas obtained can lead to permanent residency.

EU citizens are not subject to stringent requirements when moving to Sweden, while non-EU citizens can benefit from various categories of visas under which they can move permanently to this country. We are at your service if you want to apply for a Swedish residence permit.

Below, our immigration lawyer in Sweden explains the main steps to obtain permanent residence. You can rely on us for assistance in completing all the steps related to obtaining a residence permit in Sweden and even citizenship if you are interested in this option.

EU citizens applying for residence in Sweden

Citizens of neighboring countries can immigrate and obtain a residence permit in Sweden without much difficulty and the same applies to the citizens of other EU member states who are allowed to relocate here and then start the procedures for obtaining temporary and then permanent residence. Also, a citizen of the EU does not need an employment contract to relocate to Sweden, as long as he or she has enough funds to live here.

 Quick Facts 
  Entry visa requirement (YES/NO)

YES, for non-EU citizens

Types of visas for permanent residency

Business, employment, temporary residence permits

Permanent residency by employment availability (YES/NO)

 YES, temporary residence permits can be obtained
Permanent residence through temporary relocation requirements5 years of temporary living in Sweden 
Temporary residence permit validity2 years
Direct permanent residency possibility (YES/NO)


Living requirements to obtain permanent residence

5 years

Permanent residency by investment option (YES/NO)YES, the applicant must live in Sweden for 5 years to obtain permanent residency
Timeframe to obtain permanent residence (approx.)Approx. 4 weeks
Relocation with family members possibility (YES/NO)NO, each family member must obtain a residence permit
Possibility to sponsor family members for immigration (YES/NO)YES, a permanent residence permit holder can apply for family reunification visas
Citizenship requirements through permanent residency10 years of living in Sweden
Advantages of obtaining a permanent residencyPossibility to start a business, access to one of Europe’s most advanced healthcare systems, possibility to bring family members here
Support in obtaining permanent residency (YES/NO)YES
Other immigration servicesSupport in renewing temporary residence cards, to apply for citizenship, to open a local bank account, to register with various authorities
Registration requirements for non-EU citizens To apply for a residence card in Sweden, you should do so at the Swedish Migration Agency if your stay exceeds 3 months. 

 Application fee 

 In Sweden, the cost charged by official authorities for obtaining permanent residency is 115 USD.

 Language requirement

Proof of Swedish proficiency may be necessary. 

 Financial stabilityDemonstrating financial self-sufficiency is vital. Our lawyers can guide you about the bank balance you need to apply for permanent residency in Sweden.  
 Exclusion from the application fee 

Relatives of Nordic nationals, European Union (EU) citizens and their families, as well as Swiss citizens, are exempt from paying the application fee. 


Gather relevant documents, such as ID, passport, and permits. 

 Application process

It is handled by the Swedish Migration Agency. 

Employment income tax in Sweden  

Non-residents employed in Sweden are subject to a fixed source tax rate of 25%. 


You may need to provide biometric data during the process. 

Background check (yes/no) Yes, a thorough background check is part of the evaluation. 
Residence card 

Upon approval, you receive a Swedish permanent residence card. 


You can travel freely within the Schengen Area with the card. 

 Registration requirements for EU citizens 

EU citizens relocating to Sweden for periods exceeding 3 months are required to complete registration with the Swedish Tax Agency. 


Residents are subject to Swedish taxation on worldwide income. 

 Exit and reentryYou can exit and reenter Sweden freely with a residence card. 

Our immigration lawyer in Sweden can guide citizens of EU states in their relocation endeavors. We can also assist those who want to apply for Swedish citizenship.

Non-EU citizens seeking permanent residence in Sweden in 2023

For the citizens of non-EU countries, the requirements for moving and applying for permanent residence in Sweden are more stringent. First of all, they are required to apply for the visa under which they want to enter Sweden from their home countries.

The following types of visas are available for foreign citizens from non-EU countries:

  1. student visas who can study in Sweden with universities and colleges approved by the Ministry of Education;
  2. business visas which are issued to those who want to set up companies or work as sole traders;
  3. employment visas which are issued based on an employment contract with a Swedish company;
  4. investor visas which are available for those with sufficient expertise in running a business;
  5. academic research visa applicants are also eligible for temporary than a permanent residency in Sweden.

A residence permit in Sweden is also required for non-EU nationals who want to visit Sweden to reunite with their families. A family reunification residence permit must meet various criteria on both ends: of the immigrant and the Swedish resident. Feel free to address our specialists for support in applying for this visa.

Compared to other countries in the European Union, obtaining permanent residence in Sweden is easier for non-EU applicants, especially when it comes to relocating here based on investor visas.

If you are considering immigration to Sweden and are concerned about the best approach, you can discuss your options with one of our lawyers who will be able to make recommendations based on your expertise or situation.

The residence permit in Sweden can be obtained with the help of our specialists.

Long-term residency in Sweden

Sweden is one of the most appealing countries in Europe many citizens of neighboring countries, but also from other corners of the world being attracted by the idea of moving here and staying for as long as possible.

Even if it is an exclusivist country, Sweden enables foreign citizens from everywhere in the world to relocate here. The long-term residence permit is one of the options chosen by more immigrants and it can be obtained through various means.

Long-term residency can be obtained by students, workers, and people who want to reunite with their families. By far, the most selected option is employment, however, it also comes with more requirements. It is also worth noting that all options can lead to permanent residency in Sweden if the person meets all the associated requirements.

If you want to relocate to Sweden and need guidance on how to apply for various types of residence permits, our specialists are at your service with information and guidance on how to prepare for immigration. We can also advise on how to prepare before relocation, as well as on the procedures to complete once arrived in the country.

How to obtain Swedish residency as a student

Sweden is home to several worldwide renowned educational institutions which attract students every year. These need to obtain student visas which is granted as national visa in Sweden.

A foreign student interested in enrolling with a Swedish university or seeking to complete his or her studies here must meet certain requirements depending on his/her nationality. The first thing to do is to be accepted by a local educational institution, so it is safe to say that obtaining Swedish residency as a student starts with applying with the chosen faculty or university. If accepted, the foreign person will obtain a certificate of enrollment based on which he or she can start the visa application procedure.

Our immigration lawyers in Sweden can provide more information on all how to relocate here based on student visas.

You must apply for a residence permit if you intend to stay in Sweden for longer than 90 days, whether for job, study, or to launch a business. You will be able to use the permit to obtain citizenship in Sweden. For complete information about the conditions to meet for either of them, you can rely on our local specialists.

Family reunion as a pathway to permanent residency in Sweden

Foreign citizens who live in Sweden based on residence permits can qualify to invite their families for reunification.

Foreign citizens who have obtained permanent residency in Sweden benefit from extensive rights and are subject to no restrictions or additional requirements if they want to bring close relatives here under the family reunification visa.

The set of documents that need to be filed with seeking to apply for a family reunification visa is quite complex and must be filed by the Swedish resident who must provide details about his/her status in the country, as well as various papers related to the relatives joining them. The authorities here also required the permanent residence holder to have adequate dwelling for him/her and family members joining one.

Our immigration law firm in Sweden can review your case and offer proper guidance if you want to bring family members here. We remind you that you can bring your spouse and children to Sweden under this type of visa.

Documents for obtaining residency in Sweden in 2023

The documents to be filed in order to obtain a residence permit in Sweden depend on the immigration status of the applicant. Among these, the candidate is required to provide the following papers with the Swedish immigration authorities:

  • the valid passport;
  • a utility bill as proof of residential address;
  • the employment contract (if the reason for relocating here is related to work);
  • proof of investment if the applicant comes here based on an investor visa;
  • other documents, depending on the nationality of the applicant.

It is important to note that investors applying for permanent residence in Sweden are required to also file proof of their experience in managing a business and the benefits their companies will bring to the Swedish economy.

Our immigration lawyer in Sweden can offer detailed information on one of the most successful ways of permanently moving to this country, and that is by investment. It is also possible to obtain Swedish citizenship through other means.

Obtaining Swedish permanent residency by employment

Employment is one of the main ways through which EU, EEA, and non-EU/EEA citizens can relocate to Sweden and obtain permanent residency by living and working here for the required period of time.  The procedure is slightly different for EU and non-EU, respectively EEA and non-EEA citizens, who want to obtain work visas that lead to permanent residence in this country, in the sense that the latter category must apply for the visa to enter Sweden from their home countries. In other words, they cannot be in Sweden at the time the application is submitted.

There are two ways of obtaining residency in Sweden at the level of 2023:

  • the work permit;
  • the employment visa.

Non-EU and non-EEA citizens must first obtain employment visas in order to be granted work permits that enable them to live and work in this country. Also, to obtain the work permit, a job offer is needed.

The following requirements apply when seeking to obtain permanent Swedish permanent residency in 2023:

  • a valid passport;
  • an employment offer that must meet specific regulations;
  • to have a monthly salary of 13,000 SEK (approximately 1,400 euros);
  • the employment offer must include health and life insurance, as well as social security.

With respect to the employment proposal, it must have been advertised for at least 10 days before any candidate is offered the position which must respect the conditions of other job offers presented on the labor market. However, these are conditions to be respected by the Swedish employer.

Other requirements imply for the foreigner to have a place to stay before entering Sweden (there are plenty of apartments or houses one can rent with the help of our lawyers prior to coming here).

We remind foreign citizens that an employment contract comes with a temporary residence permit and only if the person obtaining it lives in Sweden for the legal timeframe imposed will obtain permanent residency here.

If you have any questions on the Swedish permanent residency requirements for 2023, our immigration law firm is at your service with detailed information.

Obtaining Swedish permanent residency through investment in 2023

Businesspersons can immigrate to Sweden and apply for Swedish investment visas. This is one of the most advantageous ways of moving here as it enables a person to run his/her own business against a specific amount of money.

First of all, it should be noted this option is available for non-EU citizens who must know the following about it:

  • the program addresses persons who have turned at least 18 years old;
  • these must have clean criminal records and good morals;
  • these must submit proof of the possibility of investing at least 100,000 euros (or the equivalent of SKE) in a project;
  • applicants must also prove they have experience in running a business.

English language command is also mandatory.

With respect to the investment project, this must imply the registration of a company. For this purpose, a business plan can substantially increase the chances of obtaining a residence permit for Sweden.

One needs to live in Sweden for 5 consecutive years for being granted permanent residency.

Those interested in applying for Swedish permanent residency in 2023 can choose this program which is one of the most appreciated by foreign businesspersons.  Our immigration lawyers are the service of those interested in relocating to this country by means of investment.

How long does it take to obtain permanent residency in Sweden?

Citizens of EU and non-EU countries must consider the following timeframes for obtaining permanent residence in Sweden:

  • the usual timeframe for obtaining permanent residence in Sweden for EU citizens is 5 years;
  • non-EU citizens can also apply for permanent residence after 5 years based on investor visas;
  • non-EU students who have converted their student visas into employment ones can also apply for residence cards after 5 years;
  • foreign citizens married to Swedish nationals and living here for 2 years can apply for residence permits after 3 years.

There are also other requirements to meet when applying for permanent residence in Sweden. Among these, those who stay here under work contracts must have a minimum monthly salary of approximately 1,300 euros. Those who want to obtain permanent residency based on investor visas are required to inject at least the equivalent of 100,000 euros into a business.

If you decide to apply for a residence permit in Sweden by starting a business, contact our lawyers.

What to consider after moving to Sweden

Foreign citizens who have relocated to Sweden have various obligations. Among these, they need to register with the local authorities within maximum 14 days, as well enroll for healthcare and social insurance (in the case of employees, these last two steps are usually completed by the employer).

We remind foreign citizens that in order to obtain permanent residency in Sweden they need to live here for a minimum period of time, and recently certain aspects have changed.

Among these, one should note that those who want to apply for Swedish permanent residency based on employment they need to have lived here for 7 years, out of which 4 must have been spent working here. Also, the applicant must be able to financially support him or herself and family members, if they live with the main applicant. However, at the moment there are no specific requirements related to the minimum income required to qualify for residency.

For self-employed persons, the rules have been relaxed, as these can obtain permanent residency after living and carrying out their activities in Sweden for 2 years. Applicants must have sufficient funds to support themselves.

An important aspect the Swedish authorities keep in high regard is for the citizens and residents of this country to live orderly lives. This is one of the main reasons they request those interested in relocating here permanently.

Our lawyers are at your disposal with updated information on the new requirements for obtaining a Swedish residence permit.

Rights associated with Swedish permanent residency

As a permanent resident in Sweden, a foreign citizen will obtain various rights. Among these, access to some of the most appreciated education and healthcare systems in Europe. Also, the right to work or have one’s own business comes with permanent residency in this country.

One of the most important rights obtained as a Swedish permanent resident is that you can bring family members to this country without complications. Also, after 10 years, one will be entitled to obtain Swedish citizenship.

Our immigration lawyers in Sweden are at the service of foreign citizens interested in applying for a residence permit. We also invite you to watch our video below:

Tailored immigration support

Our immigration law firm in Sweden is at the service of foreign citizens who want to move here, but also of those who already live here and seek to obtain a Swedish residence permit. We can assist with the verification and preparation of documents and their filing with the authorities in charge of the issuance of residency certificates. We can also offer support in matters of residence permit renewals with the purpose of extending one’s stay in Sweden.

Although it is difficult, it is possible for non-Europeans to begin a new life in Sweden.

Sweden’s population will reach 10.5 million people for the first time at the end of 2022. Almost 20% of them were born outside of the nation. More than 24,000 Americans, including professionals, students, and Swedish-American families, reside in Sweden.Most often, foreign nationals must obtain a work visa before they may relocate to Sweden. A written job contract with a minimum monthly wage of $1,250 in Swedish kronor is necessary for this.

If you need guidance in obtaining permanent residence, please contact our immigration lawyer in Sweden.