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Personnel Relocation to Sweden

Personnel Relocation to Sweden

Personnel relocation to Sweden implies the same procedure as when applying for a work permit. However, the main difference resides in the type of visa issued, which is the intra-company transfer (ICT) visa. Apart from this, both the employee and employer are subject to a few requirements that enable the second one to apply for this type of permit.

Employee relocation to Sweden is explained below by our lawyers. You can also rely on our immigration lawyer in Sweden for support with this procedure.

Procedure for personnel relocation to Sweden

The Swedish migration authority is responsible for applications for intra-company transfer permits. The following procedure must be completed when requesting an intra-company transfer visa in Sweden:

  1. the application process is started by the employer in Sweden, who must submit a job offer to the Swedish Migration Agency;
  2. the employer must prepare the necessary paperwork;
  3. if the Swedish Migration Agency approves the job offer, the application fee must be paid followed by filing for the ICT permit.

Once a decision is made, it is sent to the Swedish embassy in the country mentioned in the application. The ICT residency permit will then be available for pickup. Decisions are normally made in 90 days, and before the foreign employee can leave for Sweden to begin working, the permit must be approved.

For complete support in intra-company transfer applications, you can rely on our immigration lawyers in Sweden. We can also assist in obtaining regular work permits for Sweden.

Conditions to be met by workers for employee relocation to Sweden

As mentioned at the beginning of the article, both employees and employers must meet certain requirements for a successful intra-company transfer application for Sweden. Below, you can find out the conditions imposed on workers:

  • he/she must have a valid passport;
  • the person must work for the Swedish company as a manager, specialist, or trainee for more than 90 days;
  • the person must also possess the training necessary for a trainee post, or possess the qualifications and experience necessary for the assignment as a manager or specialist;
  • he/she must have an employment contract from the Swedish company that covers work in the person’s country.

ICT visas are issued to non-EU and non-EEA countries. So, please verify your eligibility conditions before applying for personnel relocation to Sweden.

We are also at your service if you want to immigrate to Sweden through other means.

Requirements for employers transferring workers to Sweden

Employee relocation to Sweden also imposes certain requirements for the local companies bringing workers to their headquarters. These are:

  • provide a salary that falls under the Swedish collective agreements or that matches the profession or industry;
  • provide terms of employment that are at least equal to those for employees in Sweden;
  • offer a job position that allows the employee to support themselves.

Personnel relocation to Sweden is usually available to managers, specialized or skilled personnel, as well to trainees.

Employment rates in Sweden

Sweden is seen as one of the most appealing Northern European countries to live and work in. According to recent statistics issued by the Swedish Labor Force Surveys and cited by the European Commission:

  • at the level of 2019, the employment rate among refugees and family members aged 20 to 64 was 59.9%;
  • by comparison, 77.3 % of the foreign-born population of Sweden was enrolled in some sort of employment;
  • also, 86.2 % of the Swedish population in the same age group was employed.

If you need support in employee relocation to Sweden, feel free to contact our immigration lawyers.