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Get Spouse Visa in Sweden

Get Spouse Visa in Sweden

Sweden is seen as one of the most attractive countries to live in Europe. This is one of the main reasons for which many foreign citizens established here seek to get a spouse visa in Sweden and reunite with their families.

In Sweden, the spouse visa requirements are slightly different compared to other countries, which is why if you want to bring your significant other to live with you can rely on our immigration lawyers for support. We are at your service with customized immigration services in Sweden.

Moving to Sweden under a dependent visa for a spouse

The first and most important aspect to consider when interested to get a spouse visa in Sweden is that this type of visa is actually a dependent visa. Obtaining it depends on the country of origin of the Swedish resident.

Here are the main categories of Swedish residents who can bring family members here:

  • those who are permanent residents of Sweden;
  • those who live in Sweden based on work permits;
  • those who live in Sweden based on ICT work permits or EU Blue Cards.

It is also worth noting that all persons entering the categories above can apply for a partner visa for Sweden, as they can bring not only one’s husband or wife but also a civil partner.

If you decide to get a spouse visa in Sweden, get in touch with us for information on the requirements for each category of residents. Our immigration lawyer in Sweden can explain if specific conditions must be met.

Who can get a spouse visa in Sweden?

The Swedish authorities recognize the following categories of applicant for spouse visas:

  • persons who have registered their marriages in Sweden or abroad;
  • persons who are in registered civil partnerships;
  • persons who live together (cohabitate) in Sweden.

Our lawyers can offer more information on how Swedish law applies in these situations.

Living in Sweden and the spouse visa requirements

Compared to other European countries, when moving to Sweden with one spouse or applying for a dependent visa to bring one’s life partner, there are two situations that apply:

  • the first one under which the foreign spouse is granted a residence card;
  • the second one under which the foreign spouse will be granted a residence permit.

We remind you that in Sweden, the dependent visa for a spouse also implies for the partners have been together for a minimum period of 2 years. This influences whether the foreign partner will be granted a residence visa or permit.

Here is what you need to know in this sense:

  • persons who have lived with their spouses in their country of origin for at least 2 years will be granted permanent residence cards directly;
  • persons who have not lived in the Swedish resident’s home country together will be granted a one or 2-year residence permit at first.

In terms of documents for obtaining a partner visa in Sweden, there are a few differences when applying as a spouse or civil partner of a Swedish resident.

Feel free to address our immigration law firm in Sweden for guidance in drafting the necessary documents.

How soon can one get a spouse visa in Sweden?

In Sweden, the dependent visa for a spouse is issued in approximately one month, which is quite fast compared to other states.

With respect to the family living costs as a foreigner in Sweden, you should consider the following:

  • the average rent for an apartment ranges from 670 EUR to 1,400 EUR depending on the city you live in;
  • basic utilities costs are around 80 EUR per month;
  • if you want to buy a property here, the price per square meter starts at 3,750 EUR.

If you have decided to get a spouse visa in Sweden for your wife or husband, contact our immigration lawyer for assistance.