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Sweden Citizenship by Investment

Sweden Citizenship by Investment

Foreign citizens who want to move to Sweden have several residence permits they can apply for depending on their relocation reasons. Most of the time, people come to Sweden based on employment and self-employment residence permits, the latter allowing them to have their own small businesses.

For those seeking to start a business and thus immigrate with the purpose of obtaining Sweden citizenship by investment, there is no specific program, however, there is an investor visa for foreign businesspersons from non-EU countries.

If you are seeking a way of obtaining citizenship by investment in this country, our immigration lawyer in Sweden is at your disposal with information and tailored assistance for relocation. Swedish citizenship without any investment is also in the attention of our lawyers.

The investor visa in Sweden in 2021

Non-EU citizens can apply for residency which can lead to Sweden citizenship by investment in 2021 through the investor visa. This type of residence permit enables investors to move and have their own businesses in Sweden. The main conditions to comply with in order to obtain this visa are:

  1. the investor must be at least 18 years old at the time the application is submitted;
  2. a clean criminal record and proof of good morals are mandatory requirements;
  3. the minimum amount of money to be invested in 100,000 euros (or the equivalent in Swedish krona);
  4. experience in running a business and good knowledge of English, at least, is also mandatory.

Compared to other European countries which have specific residence and citizenship by investment schemes, Sweden provides for one of the lowest amounts of money necessary to start a business.

If you are looking to immigrate to Sweden and obtain citizenship on investment, you can rely on our lawyers for complete information on how to obtain business visas. Before that, we can help you apply for a residence permit in Sweden.

Business incorporation requisites for Sweden citizenship by investment

Considering that the main requirement for obtaining the investor visa in 2021 is to register a company, the foreign applicant must consider a few important aspects. Among these, he or she will need a solid business plan in which the entrepreneur will prove how the services or goods will be supplied, respectively sold to Swedish customers. Also, the applicant must prove to the immigration authorities that he or she owns at least half of the business. Additionally, the candidate must demonstrate that he or she will manage the company by living in Sweden.

Another requirement is for the applicant to be able to support him or herself for the first 2 years of living here.

If you are considering immigration to Sweden in order to obtain citizenship by investment, you can rely on our services. You can also count on us for obtaining Swedish citizenship based on permanent residency.

Documents for moving to Sweden and obtaining citizenship by investment in 2021

The documentation related to immigrating to Sweden for the purpose of obtaining citizenship by investment is not extensive, however, the following documents need to be considered:

  • a valid passport;
  • bank statement indicating the means to support oneself;
  • lease or rental agreement as proof of living arrangements in Sweden;
  • copies of educational certificates, proof of past employment, and other information confirming the experience of the applicant.

It is possible for a candidate for Sweden citizenship by investment in 2021 to purchase a local company, case in which the sale-purchase contract, copies of agreements with clients, or suppliers are also recommended as proof.

If the applicant plans to move an existing company to Sweden, its certificate of registration can be used as proof.

Sweden is very friendly to foreign enterprisers, and if you want to relocate here in order to obtain citizenship by investment, our immigration lawyers can assist you throughout the entire procedure.

If you have any questions about the residence permit in Sweden, please reach out.

How long does it take to obtain citizenship in Sweden?

Non-EU citizens moving here based on the investor visa will first obtain permanent residency which can be acquired after 5 years, and after he or she will have access to Sweden citizenship by investment in 2021. The passport can be obtained after 10 years of legally living in Sweden.

In order to become an ordinary resident of Sweden and to be eligible for citizenship, a foreign citizen must enroll with various authorities here, among which the Tax Agency and the Social Insurance Agency.

Our immigration lawyer in Sweden can explain the steps to complete and the authorities you need to register with when relocating here. We also invite you to watch a video created by our specialists:

Why immigrate to Sweden

Sweden is a very appealing country for those who want to obtain citizenship by investment. From an economic point of view:

  • Sweden is a member of the European Union since 1995 which has helped it build a steady economy;
  • the Swedish population represents 1.9% of EU’s population;
  • in 2019, Sweden’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP) has increased by 1.2% compared to the past year;
  • by GDP, Sweden ranked 23rd out of 196 economies at a world level in 2019.

For assistance in moving and Sweden obtaining citizenship by investment, please contact us.