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Sweden Digital Nomad Visa

Sweden Digital Nomad Visa

Many European countries have enabled or are making progress in creating digital or remote worker visas for those who can perform their activities from a distance. While in Sweden, a digital nomad visa program is not in place yet, the country is a magnet for foreign citizens who choose de move here.

As Norway, another Northern European state has already implemented such a program, it is expected for other countries to follow. Until then, there are other ways through which foreign citizens can stay and work remotely from Sweden. Below, our immigration lawyers in Sweden invite you to discover your options.

Options to the digital nomad visa in Sweden

A foreign citizen who wants to move to Sweden under a digital nomad visa has several possibilities, however, the most important thing to consider is his/her nationality. From a citizenship point of view, one has the following options:

  • as a citizen of an EU or EEA country, you don’t need a visa or residence permit if you want to work remotely from Sweden;
  • the same principle applies if you are citizen of a Schengen area country, as Sweden is also a member of this special zone;
  • as a non-EU/ non-EEA, non-Schengen country you can apply for a tourist visa with a duration of 3 months;
  • you can also apply for a multiple-entry visa that will enable you to stay for 90 days within a period of 180 days per year.

As a digital nomad in Sweden, you can:

  • work for a company/employer in your home country;
  • be self-employed and provide your services in another country;
  • be a business owner with operations outside Sweden.

If you are interested in temporary relocation to Sweden based on a digital nomad visa, you can rely on our immigration specialists for finding the most suitable option.

Swedish residency is one of our most requested services. With numerous opportunities offered by companies in terms of employment, many foreigners choose this pathway to move here. For this purpose, you can address our specialists and obtain the necessary information on how to relocate to Sweden.

If you have tried to find some tips on how to immigrate to Sweden but have never found anything conclusive, you can ask our lawyers. They can offer legal solutions that enable you move here as soon as possible, no matter if you are interested in residency or citizenship in Sweden, as well as on how to procedure is completed.

The advantage of not having a digital nomad visa in Sweden

As you might have read, a digital nomad visa implies living in the country of your choosing for a specific period (most European countries allow for 1-year validity remote working visas). Additionally, these require proof of specific income, as minimum earning must be proved. Some other countries, only allow for remote workers to complete their work from specific areas only. This is the case of Norway, which has enabled its program for the Svalbard islands.

Even if you will not be required to submit proof of a minimum income, if you want to move to Sweden under a digital nomad visa, there are other requirements to meet. For example, you still need to have ensured a specific amount of money for daily living costs for the period intended to stay. However, in order to have an idea about living costs in Sweden, you should note that there is no minimum wage established by the authorities. The average wage at the end of 2021 was approximately 3,000 EUR.

Our immigration law firm in Sweden is at the service of foreign citizens who want to move here, including for those who are interested in permanent residency or citizenship.

How much does it cost to live in Sweden?

While relocating to Sweden under a digital nomad visa is not possible yet, you still need to consider the living costs of this country, which are higher compared to other European countries. According to this information gathered by Internations.org:

  • living costs in Stockholm are around 1,300 EUR per person without a rent;
  • in Uppsala, the same costs are a little under 1,000 EUR per person;
  • the average rent in the capital was around 1,300 EUR for a one-bedroom apartment and 2,300 EUR for a 3-bedroom apartment.

Should you decide to move to Sweden based on a digital nomad visa, contact our local lawyers for information and guidance.